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The Animal Book:

We offer a range of individual production services - from script writing to sound design.

The Animal Book is a superbly crafted animation short from our good friends at Birmingham animation studio Second Home Studios.  It is the story of two sisters who exist in a threatening world of giant machinery; a city of cog-mechanized buildings, where cars cruise shark-like through the streets. Even their sun is a giant lightbulb and the moon; a stud-riveted mirror. When a snatched retreat to the sisters’ broken playground is interrupted by a flying book, one of them is offered an opportunity to escape the world for a better life.

Hark Pictures were brought in to sound design the project from scratch. Various atmospheres were created, and spot effects were designed using the film’s clockwork world as inspiration. Layer upon layer of sound created a rich soundscape, designed to work in harmony with the music soundtrack, which was provided by Voodookazoo.

Directed by Chris Randall and Natalie Hinchley, the short animation toured the worldwide festival circuit - and picked up a host of awards.

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