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Croft Preparatory School Promotion:

School promotion is extremely important. Whatever the institute of learning, online videos or DVDs within the prospectus, can provide a superior introduction to a school or collage's core educational values.

Our team can showcase the facilities, academic and sporting achievements, core values and character of each school and college in a broadcast quality film.

Croft Preparatory School chose Hark Pictures to create their new website and film to promote their vibrant, forward-thinking school. Working closely with the school, our team created a fresh new look for the website, showcasing Croft's state of the art facilities and unique atmosphere.

We tailor our service to meet the needs of your organisation and can produce a short web film, or a series showcasing specific areas of interest for DVD.

Have footage of sporting events or school trips? We offer an edit only service where we cut your material into a professional quality film.

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