Orchestra of the Swan Podcast - Sound Recording
Orchestra of the Swan Podcast - Performance Night
Orchestra of the Swan Podcast - Rehearsal at Birmingham Town Hall
Orchestra of the Swan Podcast - Mark Bebbington Rehearsing
Orchestra of the Swan Podcast - Reheasal

Podcasts/Social Media

Orchestra of the Swan:

At Hark we love working with organisations keen to engage with potential customers on multiple platforms through podcasts/social media marketing etc. We have worked with a number of arts organisations on developing their social media strategies and on innovative cross-platform projects that take their work to new audiences.

Hark worked closely with Orchestra of the Swan and secured R&D money from the Arts Council to develop a social media and cross platform strategy for the organisation.

In addition to developing a number of innovative projects we also produced their first Podcast. Sponsored by kit hire firm Central Presentations, the nine minute film focuses on the demanding schedule of artistic director and conductor, David Curtis. We went backstage with Curtis and captured the world behind the formal concert experience. We followed through meetings, rehearsals, a recording session and finally to the live concert performance.

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