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Forging the Iron Bridge

1 x 4’ and 1x 1’

English Heritage commissioned Hark to produce two short films to support their interpretation of ongoing conservation works at the Iron Bridge in Telford, Shropshire.
This cast iron structure, dating from 1779, is a Unesco World heritage site and is cared for by English Heritage. This impressive industrial monument is undergoing conservation works, including cleaning and repainting.

The Iron Bridge was the first ever freestanding structure made entirely of metal, and a remarkable feat of engineering. Iron for the bridge was cast locally, in Coalbrookedale, and while the original 1700s foundry no longer exists, the foundry at Blists Hill faithfully recreates the methods of the time. The atmospheric and evocative film shows the casting of a replica of one of the metal struts for the bridge, from firing of the furnace to turning out of the finished piece.

Hark produced a short film for use at the Iron Bridge itself and a longer film for online viewing and distribution.

I've had a great experience working with Hark. In my work, we're often putting people on camera who might not be experienced at being interviewed on film and it's essential for us to work with filmmakers who are sensitive to this and can put them at their ease. We've found Holly and Matt to be warm, friendly and flexible; both projects where we've worked together have required them to adjust to changing or short timescales, and they've adapted with an ease and willingness that just makes them a joy as colleagues. They're also great fun, with a brilliant can-do attitude that makes our sometimes complex shoots much easier. On top of all this, we've been delighted with the end products they've delivered; they've been beautiful, thoughtful pieces of filmmaking which have proved really successful in achieving our aims and popular with viewers.

Ally Davies, Digital Contents Editor, English Heritage

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