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Hunt, Prepare & Cook, with Mike Robinson

With our team's experience of food & lifestyle documentaries, including cookery series for BBC, Hark was commissioned to produce Hunt, Prepare & Cook a DVD featuring TV Chef Mike Robinson (Countrywise, UKTV Food).

The brief was to produce a unique ‘field guide’ which takes the viewer through the whole process of hunting, preparing and cooking game. Led by experienced hunter, chef and restaurateur Mike Robinson, the first double DVD set focuses on stalking Highland Red deer. Mike takes the viewer through various stalking scenarios, including essential tips and methods, preparing and butchering the meat to get the best value from the animal and finally how to cook the different cuts in a selection of delicious recipes.

Hunt, Prepare & Cook, Volume 1 is the first in the series shot by our regular collaborator, DoP Joe Harding, edited and produced by Hark Pictures.

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